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Decentralization is hard. Votility makes it easy.

Build a product that your users actually want through incentivized voting.

With Votility, you can build an incentivized dao in minutes.




Choose the voting mechanism that best fits your project's needs. You can choose simple voting, quadratic voting, or create your own custom protocol.

Skin in
the Game

Users get paid when they vote for the winning proposal, which means proposals that are truly best for your project surface to the top.

Easy Setup

Our DAO framework can be set up in minutes by your team of developers preventing interruptions to productivity.


You can choose any ERC-20/BEP-20/ERC-721/ERC-1155 token as an adjacent asset for the voting liquidity pool.


Staking tokens over a period of time prevent whale-based “flash loans” where tokens are purchased just to sway the vote and then dumped immediately after.


DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) create a unique opportunity to dismantle top-down, inefficient governance that you see in traditional organizations. However, only large token holders had the power to make change.

With Votility, now ALL your users can have skin in the game and be rewarded for their votes, not just Whales.

More votes means you can focus on building a project that your users actually want.


Antonio Hoffert
founder of Criptonomia
Antonio Hoffert
co-founder of Criptonomia

Antonio Hoffert is an economist, author of the sustainable economic development plan for the Brazilian government and of the book Criptonomia. Hoffert is a Co-founder of Criptonomia - Blockchain corporate software provider and a professor of technology for finance at FDC-SKEMA. His lectures supported world leaders such as the governors of Dubai, Chile, multinational industries, banks and students from academic institutions such as MIT.

Gleisson de Assis
Co-founder of Criptonomia
Gleisson de Assis
Co-founder of Criptonomia

Gleisson de Assis has a bachelor's degree in Information Systems and a Master's Degree in Computational Mathematical Modeling in progress. Co-founder of Criptonomia, a software factory specialized in blockchain solutions. Gleisson is also a professor of the MBA of Blockchain Applications at IGTI and has been dedicated to studying and developing corporate solutions and creating products aimed at blockchain.

asked questions

Why do I need incentivized governance?

The problem with traditional organizations is that their top-down approach leads to inefficiencies due to users at the bottom struggling to be heard. Votility ensures that every DAO user has a unique opportunity to help shape how the project is run. Stakeholders at ANY level can submit ideas for improvement.

How can I be sure that the best proposals will be voted on?

Votility uses a game theory principle known as the Focal Point Principle to reward only those participants who contributed to the winning decision. This ensures that everyone is incentivized to vote on the proposals that they think are actually the best ideas, not just the most popular ones.

Why should I use Votility?

By using incentivized voting pools, you can engage your community to vote for the best proposals while simultaneously amassing token rewards.

How to use votility?

Being a holder and burning a certain number of tokens creates a voting pool bound to the proposal. After the pool creation, users can engage with it in the same way they would with any farming protocol.

What do you mean by ‘skin in the game’?

Voters are only rewarded for picking the winning proposal. Also, voting power is increased the longer your users stake their tokens.